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Established in 1978, Telecommunications & Security Systems Limited (TSSL) is a privately held Hong Kong company with a wholly owned subsidiary company in Macau.

Over the years TSSL has evolved from a leading supplier and integrator of telecommunication and security systems to recognizing a broader range of emerging technologies and applications and to turn them into viable and robust solutions at an early stage.

TSSL’s most valuable asset is its customer base and the commitment to customer satisfaction is unlimited. Most systems and solutions are being maintained by TSSL, many under 24/7 programs.

Recently, TSSL has embarked on building and supporting a network of distribution partners and integrators that extends beyond the company’s original territories. In addition, products and applications bearing the TSSL Solutions trademark have been added to the product lineup.

About TSSL

Established in 1978, TSSL is a privately held Hong Kong company with subsidiary in Macau, providing advanced enterprise solutions to clients in neighborhood regions.


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